Controlled Blasting Services in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, Virginia, and West Virginia.


Controlled Blasting Capabilities

Dedicated to getting the best results with the least amount of vibration and air blast to the project site and neighboring environment, the Palmetto Rock Services team uses only safe, proven blasting methods.

Our team of licensed blasters begins each project by conducting a third party pre-blast survey to document the conditions of the land and surrounding structures before the controlled explosion takes place.

Once the initial inspections are complete, the team then drafts a comprehensive controlled blasting plan, drills clean, precise boreholes, loads explosive materials, connects blasting detonators, then detonates. In just 1-3 seconds, the blast is complete and your project can continue moving forward.

  • Electronic blasting initiation system
  • Non-electric detonator
  • Survey with the coordinates of the boreholes and explosion sites

Case Study

Oconee, SC 


Palmetto Rock was contracted for highly-controlled drilling and blasting services for an on-site spent fuel facility expansion project at an operating nuclear power generating station in South Carolina.

The project specifications allowed a maximum peak particle velocity (PPV) of 0.5 inches per second due to close proximity (within 70 feet) to sensitive existing structures.

Palmetto Rock utilized the Unitronic 600 Electronic Blasting System to ensure precise timing and control of each blast event. Over 44,000 cubic yards of mass rock was drilled and shot.



Cubic yards of mass rock


From sensitive existing structures


Maximum peak particle velocity